10 Tips for Decorating a Glamorous Bedroom

The best part about moving is decorating.  But wait… don’t run to the store right away!

Prior to going on a shopping rampage, I made the below vision board for my bedroom.  Believe it or not, this took HOURS.  I constantly put things I loved in the collage… then removed them for not fitting with the vision. If I ran to the store immediately, it would have looked like this – buy, realize it doesn’t match, return.  Buy, realize it doesn’t match, return.

I learned a lot about my design taste from this exercise.  Ultimately, it helped me develop some guidelines for what I would purchase for my room and the overall theme –  subtle glam is what I’m calling it!

glamorous girly bedroom


  1. Stick to neutral colors like light gray, ivory, white and beige
  2. Choose 2 soft accent colors – in my case peach and turquoise
  3. Find items that have some shape to it – notice the curves on the headboard and chair
  4. Decorate with flowers and silver/gold accents
  5. Find an oversized mirror with a metallic frame
  6. Incorporate texture
  7. Mix in clear furniture
  8. Decorate walls with the accent colors
  9. The glam is in the details and it’s okay to play matchy matchy with some things  There are silver studs in the headboard that repeat itself in the dresser, clear tables that match the clear knobs, etc.
  10. The bedspread can (and should) tie the whole look together

Coming soon… the final results

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