2019 Year in Review

According to astrologist Susan Miller, this was my emerald year – a year of rewards in almost every area of my life. I’ve gotta say, it was fairly lackluster with the exception of finding a new job (I guess that’s major considering I was trying to find one for 3 years) and a bunch of travel.

I interviewed quite a few times this year – for small and huge companies, For roles from Manager to Senior Executive Director. I got a whole lot of bites. It was exhilarating and nerve racking. Most of the positions were out of state so I envisioned my life in all of these different cities. I hate that feeling of waiting to hear about next steps… of getting so hopeful, only to be crushed later. I did several video interviews with Google. That was exciting to know I could even be Google potential, and that helped boost my confidence a little. I also interviewed with Beauty Counter, Sephora, Swarovski, Wyndham, and a few more. In fact, the day I accepted my new position, I was still getting calls to interview.

I eventually landed my gig at a pharma company. I interviewed for a Senior Manager position but they hired me as a Manager. They really wanted someone with pharma experience (not me). While the title was a little bit of an ego blow, they matched my current salary and gave me a sign on bonus. So that was swell. But one of the most life changing aspects of the new job was the commute. I gained SO much of my life back. There’s no way to verbalize how much happier I am without that miserable commute to NYC. Also super happy to enter a new industry where there’s a lot of potential.

Prior to departing Avon, I went on a couple fun work trips. I went on an incentive trip to Los Cabos Mexico. We stayed at the Hyatt Ziva. The property was so beautiful and the food so delicious for an all-inclusive that we never left the resort. I definitely need to make a point to get back there. I also went to New Orleans for the third time. Our annual conference was there so it was mainly a lot of work and it was super hot. However I did make it out to Bourbon Street, Frenchman Street, and ate a few beignets.

In 2019 I also traveled to Arizona (Phoenix, Scottsdale, Sedona, Grand Canyon), Georgia for Easter with my family, London, and my cousin’s bachelorette party in Austin. It was the perfect amount of vacation time. Although I almost always visit an island and I didn’t get to make that happen this year.

My car lease was up in February. I ended up extending it because I had no idea what kind of car I wanted. I was literally all over the map between a car and an SUV. A normal brand, or a luxury brand. I spent months researching, many weekends going to dealers, and eventually landed on… another Mazda but this time an SUV. I wasn’t used to a big car, and within a month or two, I backed into something and shattered the back window and put a big gash in the back. Whoops. Definitely one of the pits of the year.

Moving on… I also played around with my look. I chopped off my hair – something I never thought I would do. I was obsessed with long hair. I even wore extensions for a good part of the decade after discovering them during a reality TV show makeover. However, my hair was becoming so thin from the stress of the job and straggly at the end. So I sat in the chair and had her chop it off. I was pleasantly surprised. I also got botox for the first time. As a single lady, I definitely have to maintain my youth.

Some other fun things I did this year – became a god mother to the sweetest niece, joined a fancy gym near work and took up barre and spin, many wedding festivities for my cousin, quite a few shows/events/meals out/ happy hours/ nights out, etc. To name a few – saw my first professional soccer game, went to a Pop Sugar event, saw Frozen on broadway, went to a fancy fancy spa which also consisted of a sage scrubbing, got a reading by an astrologist thanks to a good friend, saw the Grand Canyon, road a few boats, etc.

I ended the year getting pre-approved for a home mortgage. So 2020 will probably be consumed with a new hunt.

Did I say my year was a little lackluster? I guess I take that back!

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