botch     To Make a mess of, destroy or ruin "I always botch up my freshly painted nails by reaching into the Dorito bag." learn     To gain knowledge or understaing of a skill through study, instruction, or experience "I learned that watermelon and kiwi smoothies are better with vodka." line Botch and Learn is a lifestyle, food, and beauty blog. I enjoy trying new hairstyles, recipes, crafts, etc.  Unfortunately, I attempt tutorials from Pinterest and You Tube, but often botch them up!  Sometimes, my hap-hazardous results in an even better concoction, but often I learn from my mistakes.  I mess up, so you don't. about     The Bad: reckless, hasty, and clumsy These traits make it easy to botch mundane tasks.  I innately break a glass a month, lose my makeup brushes, and decorate my body in bruises. Cameras catch me with my mouth hanging open.  Crafts I make break a month later.  Sound relateable? PS. forgive all of the selfies, it's not easy creating this completely on my own!  Plus, if you take a good selfie, don't you want to use it some how? The Good: intelligent, funny, and nurturing I believe in trying everything once.  When I botch it up, I learn from my mistakes.   I'll teach you how to style your hair, cook recipes, and organize life so you can avoid the same mistakes I do.   Together we can try harder and strive for something better.   No more plastic tasting macaroni and cheese (I might have dropped a Kraft wrapper in the sauce) and definitely no more hair that looks like it was brushed with a grenade.

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