Bachelorette Party: Vegas

I’m at that age where bachelorette parties are prevalent.  But I’m not complaining.  Who doesn’t love a girls trip where you have the best excuse to act a fool – carry around props, complete stupid challenges under the guise of “it’s for the bachelorette party”, and consume alcoholic beverages starting with brunch?

I figure, whenever I attend/plan a new bachelorette party, I’ll let you know the itinerary – what not to miss and what to ditch.  I’ll mess up, so you don’t have to 😉  What better way to kick this off than with Vegas?!?!

Las vegas bachelorette party

Ultimate Vegas Bachelorette Party 

Hotel: Aria

We stayed at the Aria.  It was one of the more affordable hotels on the strip and the rooms were big enough to cram 6 of us in.  Yup, we’re classy like that.  Anything to save a dime at this age.  Anyway, we spent minimal time in the hotel room.  We took advantage of their 3 pools which were pleasantly quiet with overpriced cocktails.  The location was perfect for everything we wanted to do.

Recommendation:  I did like the Aria, but the Cosmopolitan is way better for a girl’s trip.  The hotel is laced with life sized high heels and female empowerment in every nook and cranny.  Plus the rooms are huge.  It’s right next to the Aria.  Their brunch at Wicked Spoon is the best one in Vegas.  I highly recommend a girl’s brunch there.  Make sure you add on the liquor package for bottomless mimosas.

Pool Parties

My group of friends loves day drinking.  So we loved the Vegas pool parties.

Saturday – Wet Republic @ MGM 

We got there as soon as it opened which was the best move we made.  It allowed us to secure some space on the edge of the pool and eliminated waiting in line.  The party was a blast, with fabulous music including a set by Afrojack and a massive crowd of people with the same mentality “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”  Total drunk fest.

Sunday – Encore Beach Club @ Wynn

This was by far my favorite day.  I was dreading drinking after all the alcohol I already consumed.  But I sucked it up.  We got invited up to the most baller table whose bill ended up being $25,000 at the end of it!  Who has that kind of money? Must be nice.  So we felt like rich people for a day with unlimited supplies of Moet, poured out of a massive bottle.  Everyone had the time of their life.

Recommendations:  Pool parties are a freaking blast.  You can wear all the bachelorette props you want.  It is sort of like Spring Break though, so if that’s not your scene, then skip the pool parties and opt for brunch followed by a day of tanning by your hotel pool.  We had so much fun at the pool parties and went so hard.  If you’re going this route, don’t plan to hit the clubs because it’s exhausting.


Our group wasn’t big on going out to eat.  Besides one low key group meal, we picked up fast food on our own.

Diablos – We had dinner the first night at Diablos.  This budget friendly Mexican hotspot easily accommodated our group of 12 girls.  They gave us a few tables on the top patio where we watched the sun set and the Vegas strip light up with life.

Party Bus

Every bachelorette party requires one special event – whether it’s a fancy dinner, boat cruise, spa day, Hunk o Mania show,  activity, etc.

We rented a party bus to take us around Vegas.  We chose 3 sites to visit – the Vegas sign, the fountain show at the Bellagio, and Freemont Street.  We ran out of time though and didn’t make it to Freemont Street.

Night Life

Haze @ Aria – We were exhausted our first night in Vegas due to the time difference so we stayed in our hotel.  We were lured into Haze with free admission and an hour of cocktails.  That was the lamest free hour of cocktails.  We had to get our drinks from a table in the back corner, and wait on an extensive line.  The only drink option was Malibu, where they poured a miniscule drop into the cup.  The music was eh, but the hazy lights made most of us nauseous.  Most of the girls trickled off and left early.  It was the lamest first night that ended with the bride to be wearing her sash playing black jack with only 2 friends to accompany her.

XS @ Wynn – David Guetta played when we went, so it brought in the crowds.  The expansive venue features indoor and outdoor space.  The outdoor is definitely appealing but make sure to go inside because thats’ where the party is at!

las vegas bachelorette

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  2. Lindsay Kennedy

    I was just curious as to how you got six girls to a room? I’m doing my bachelorette party in Vegas this Labor Day and we’re trying to figure out a way to make it affordable for everyone. I appreciate your time. Thanks!

    • kdesena

      It’s doable, the rooms are large. If you get double beds, they won’t give you a cot though. So we rotated people using the chair cushions as a bed and fluffing it up with blankets lol. You have to sacrifice comfort slightly but we were hardly in our room and too drunk to notice if we were sleeping on the floor

  3. Chrissy P

    Quick question.. how many people did you actually say were in the room and did you have any issues going to your own hotel pool. When my husband and I stayed at the MGM grand last year and went to our own hotel pool, they “checked us in” in the pool so not sure how that works if you have way more people in one room than you actually say you have.

    • kdesena

      I kid you not there were 6 of us in one room, and I think we told them we were 4. I’m not sure if things changed or if it’s different at each hotel but we just had to flash a key as we walked in. As long as someone had a key, they didn’t ask to see it from everyone. Plus, there is a “club” pool in the back of Aria that they try to lure people into – you could probably say you’re just going there.

  4. Sara

    If you want to fit six girls try Mandalay bay! They have rooms that hold 6!

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