Binge-Worthy Television Shows

We’re cooped inside because of Covid-19. And the #1 question I keep getting from my friends is do you have any TV show recommendations? Why yes, yes I do. In the beginning of quarantine, I think I watched 50 hours of television in 2 weeks. But even before that, I made a terrible habit of watching a couple hours each and every night. I’d like to say I’m TV free for a full week. But that’s only because I moved, haven’t been able to hang my TV, and stupidly threw away my TV stand. Yes, I know I can watch on my computer. It’s just not the same. Plus I’ve got home projects to do.

The Usual Suspects

  • Ozark (Netflix) – Laundering money for a drug cartel in the middle of nowhere. They recently launched the 2nd season
  • The Morning Show (Apple TV) – Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon star as pretty opposite morning show hosts
  • Locke & Key (Netflix) – Not going to lie, this scared me a little bit watching alone. But after the murder of their dad, a family moves to his childhood home which is filled with magical keys.

A Little Lighter

  • Schitts Creek (Netflix) – A rich family of characters loses it all and moves to Schitts Creek where they run a motel
  • I’m Sorry (Netflix) – She’s a really funny mom who tells it like it is
  • Glow (Netflix) – A show about female wrestlers in like the 80s
  • Troop Zero (Amazon Prime) – It’s a movie about a little girl who is a bit of an outcast and dreams of going to space. She and her misfit friends enter a contest to record a message with NASA. It’s so cute and heartfelt.

Old School Shows You Probably Haven’t Seen

  • Chuck (Amazon Prime) – Your average nerd gets implanted with a database of secret information and skills becoming a spy while living his everyday boring life. You’ll root him on the whole time and there are quite a bit of funny scenes
  • Being Erica (Hulu, Amazon Prime) – A 30-something has hit her rock bottom and meets a mysterious shrink who allows her to go back in time and try to change her most regrettable moments
  • Cable Girls (Netflix) – Ok, it’s a mexican show dubbed. But if you can stomach that it’s a great soap opera about these strong ass women who stick up for their needs and rights and it’s filmed with more drama than The Housewife franchise

Other Binge Worthy Shows

  • The Boys (Amazon Prime) – Super heros that are mainly terrible people in private
  • Dead to Me (Netflix) – two women become friends after one loses her husband and spirals… they end up having an interesting connection

Documentaries/Mini Series

  • McMillions (HBO Go) – Did you know that the McDonalds Monopoly game was rigged for years and the mob was involved? There’s arrogant/funny FBI agents, mysterious deaths and all the juice to have you loving this…
  • Don’t F*** With Cats (Netflix) – There’s a man that kills animals on YouTube. A bunch of nobody’s form internet groups to try to identify the man and serve justice.
  • The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst (HBO Go) – A rich, eccentric real estate tycoon practically gets away with several murders
  • Tiger King (Netflix) – The dumbest show you’ll ever watch. You’ll be asking yourself the whole time “What am I watching?” and “Do people like this really exist?”
  • Going Clear (HBO) – exposes scientology
  • Cheer (Netflix) – It’s about cheerleading. Didn’t initially seem like something I’d want to watch but there is a cast of characters with excellent back stories. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and most importantly you’ll cheer them on because you want to see them succeed.

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