Tutorial: Create Loose Waves with a Curling Iron

Hair Curling Tutorial

I wear my hair curly, but not overly so.  To achieve this blown out look, I use a 1 1/4″ Hot Tools Curling Iron.  The name of the game when curling hair is AWAY.  Curl the hair away from your face towards the back of your head.  So the motion you use on the left side of your head will be different than what you use on the right side of your head.

  1. Leave the hair from the ear down and clip the rest out of the way.
  2. Take a 1-2″ section of hair
  3. Start at the top of the strand with the clamp facing away from you
  4. Roll the curling iron down towards the back of your head (almost like a straightener) but twist it as you smooth.  To do this, release the clamp slightly, then twist the curling iron, close the clamp, release the clamp slightly, twist the curling iron etc.  Do this until you get to the bottom of the strand.
  5. Hold for a few seconds (3-10 depending on coarseness)
  6. Release the clamp and uncurl the wand away from your head
  7. Let down the next section of hair and repeat steps 2-6
  8. Finger comb your hair

Long Side Braid


side braid

Often, I fall in love with a hairstyle on Pinterest that doesn’t come with instructions. I look at the photo and TRY to recreate it.  But typically, I fail miserably.  Even though this isn’t what I intended, I dig it.   You never know what’s going to happen just by trying.  Botch and Learn!

For this look, I parted my hair to one side and braided my hair on the same side.  Usually, I switch it up to create balance, but I was feeling out of harmony I guess.

Take a chunk of hair from the front section, and braid it or set it to the side.

Braid the rest of the hair into a side braid, letting pieces fall out of the braid especially near the face.

Pull apart the braid to create the illusion of thicker hair.


Must Have Hair Products

I am a recovering beauty product hoarder.  In high school, I had a rolling cart of hair products… plus a few rubbermaids stored under my bed.  I spent thousands yearly on pomades, texturizers, mousse, gel, etc.  I constantly rearranged them and occasionally used them.  Then in college, I worked for Harmons, a health and beauty discount store making $7.25 an hour. I invested my entire pay check in more beauty products.

So, you get the point – I’ve tried a lot of hair products & tools.  So I’ll spare you the investment and research.  Below is a list of my faves.

hair products to try


HAIR OIL: Moroccanoil Moroccan Oil

I put a dime-sized amount in my hair when it’s wet.  If my ends are dry after I straighten or curl, I’ll apply a little just to the ends.  Warning:  keep away from the roots.

DEEP CONDITIONER: Neutragena Triple Moisture Daily Conditioner

This works just as well as the expensive stuff.  I don’t use it daily though.

HEAT PROTECTOR: Tresemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Leave-In Spray

Spray on wet hair then comb through.


No one will know you haven’t washed your hair in a week.  Warning:  easy does it though, because you could end up looking like Betty White.  If that happens, just keep brushing!

HAIR SPRAY: Tresemme Tres Two Spray or Smart Solutions Flexible Holding Spray

LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER: Smart Solutions Color-Protector Conditioning Styling Aid