Fab Fit Fun Secrets

It’s Friday night and I’m raging on my couch drinking pinot G with a deep cleansing mask on. I’ve got 15 minutes to kill as it works its magic and I’m all sorts of giddy because I just scored some amazing finds on Fab Fit Fun. As I share my excitement on snap with a few gal friends all of their responses were… “It’s always sold out when I look”, “Do they restock?”, etc.

No girl, there’s a secret to scoring the good stuff and Imma ’bout to tell ya.

During a certain time each month, Fab Fit Fun offers Add-Ons to purchase. They ship with your monthly box. They’re all products which are deeply discounted. Some of them are no name brands and some of them are must have well known brands.

Needless to say, the must have brands sell out pretty quickly. But I’ve learned the secret. Only took me a year… My friends, this is a LIVE sale. Which means people add and remove stuff from their cart all the time. And when it gets removed from someone’s cart it goes back up for sale.

So to score the good stuff here’s what I do. I click the little heart next to everything I want but is sold out. This adds it to my favorites.

Then Fab Fit Fun has tab called “My Favorites”. So rather than have to refresh the whole catalogue and waste precious time loading everything, you just to have to refresh the My Favorites page. I leave it open on my laptop during the entire sale.

Whenever I’m logging into my computer, I give the browser a little refresh and let it work it’s magic. If something becomes available, then the “Add to Box” gets some color and becomes clickable. Click fast because it’s possible it sells out before you click it.

I’ve just scored 2 different R + Co Products which I am very excited about. And once those were added to my cart, I removed a No Make Up Bundle from my cart because I now had products I wanted more and I was trying to stick to a budget. So that bundle went right back into stock and some other lucky “favorite refresher” snagged it. Ya see how it works?!

I got a lot of good loot, a total of $216 worth of product for………… $76. That’s a 65% saving!!!

PS – Fridays at 8PM EST was a great time to refresh and grab the goods.

PPS – I was going to share a polaroid of my face mask but the lighting is horrific so instead you get an XOXO Katie.

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