Halloween Costume: Cyndi Lauper

cyndi lauper costume

LOVED dressing up as Cyndi Lauper.  My favorite part was the BIG red hair.  But to pull off this icon, I also wore a black off the shoulder top, an 80s staple.  Cyndi is known for wearing tons of accessories.  Her style is a little punk too.  So, I wore lots of chains and bracelets.

To achieve the 80s hairstyle, I parted my hair above the arch of my left eyebrow.  Then, I used an entire can of red hair spray (don’t worry, its not permanent).    Note:  If you do choose to spray paint your hair, wear a T-shirt you don’t mind ruining.  Then I teased it at the crown, pulled all the hair to my right side and back combed my entire head of hair.

For the eye makeup, I applied Bare Escentuals in Envy to my entire lid, up to the brow bone.  I used black in the crease line and blended well.  Then I lined my inner lid and just below my waterline with Urban Decay Onyx eyeliner.  I finished off the look with liquid eyeliner and 3 coats of mascara.

cyndi Lauper

My other favorite part of being Cyndi was her facial expressions.  So fun to embody a fun-loving silly girl.  It’s not too far off from my actual essence although she definitely has more edge.

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