How to Apply Jamberry Nails

I am so reckless, nothing ever stays on my nails.  Even gel manicures chip in less than a week. My Essie nail stickers, while beautiful came off after 2 days.  Forget about when I paint them myself.  That’s botched up before I leave the house. So I was relieved to find Jamberries.  The stickers stayed on for a week and a half.  It’s likely they would have stayed on longer too.

Here’s how to apply Jamberry nails

Application Steps

1.  Apply cuticle oil and push back cuticles, then rinse.

** I painted my nail. You can skip this step. However, if you have a translucent background and want it to show a different color you must paint it beforehand.

2.  Clean the nail with alcohol.

3.  Find which Jamberry decal fits your nail, by placing it over the fingernail.

4.  Cut the decal in half.

5.  Blast the decal with a hair dryer for about 5 seconds until it becomes pliable.

5.  Fit the circular side against your cuticle and push down.

6.  Rub an orange wood stick over it paying extra attention to the cuticle area and edges of the nails.

7.  Cut off the excess.

8.  File the excess in a downward motion until it comes off or you can rip it off.

9.  Heat it with the hair dryer again.

10.  Push down again.

Then you’re all set

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