Maximize Space For City Living

My new bedroom is big enough to fit like 60 gorillas in.  Prior to that, I was living in a NYC 1 bedroom converted.  Translation – it’s tiny.  As I packed up all my stuff, I thought, “damn, where’d I keep all this?”  Then I realized, I was super amazing at fitting a lot of stuff, into tiny spaces.  Here’s my tips to maximize your space in a tiny bedroom or apartment.

maximize space city living

1.  Put things inside of things.  This sounds as dumb as “I pick things up and put them down” but it’s so true.  Put things inside of things!  For example, I put my carryon suitcase inside of my regular suitcase.  And inside of my carry-on suitcase I kept all of my totes and purses.  Inside of those totes were even more things.  It was like a perfectly kept matryoshka doll (yes I had to google “dolls inside of dolls” to figure out what the name was for those little wooden nesting dolls)

2. Buy versatile furniture.

  • We got a tiny couch, and even had to remove an arm to make it fit!  It folded out into a king-sized bed.  The final benefit… the couch lifted up to reveal storage underneath!! We kept all of our spare pillows, blankets, and large pots under that bad boy.
  • There are coffee tables that expand.  If you don’t have enough room for a coffee table plus a dining room table, just buy this.  It pulls up to the perfect height to sit on your couch and eat over the table.

3.  Utilize the space under your bed.  I bought dozens of the same sized plastic storage containers  and kept them under my bed.  I had one for desk supplies, headbands, stationary, small electronics, belts, etc.   I kept them stacked, around the perimeter (for easy access),  behind a bed skirt.

4.  Utilize your walls as storage space.  We hung our TV on the living room wall – bye bye tv stand hello ottoman.  Also, I had the cutest shelf with tchotchkes on it.  However, if you looked closer, most of the decorative items on my shelf served several purposes.  My vase with fake flowers held my spare change, decorative canisters housed jewelry, and my notebooks served as decor too!

5.  Closet organization is a must.  Cram like everything in there but in an organized manner.

  • Do yourself a favor, if you don’t have ultra thin velvety hangers buy them.  Like now.  I’m serious. That’ll help you squeeze more into your closet.
  • I encourage you to put a shelf at the top of your closet if there isn’t one already.  Leave enough height to fit containers 😉
  • Add a rod below the rod that is there already.  Use that for shirts and skirts that won’t drag on the ground.
  • Use that floor!  I had a deep closet, so I kept my suitcases in there, bosu ball, and a bunch of other things.
  • Get an over the door shoe rack.  You need your floor space for stuff so naturally your shoes belong on the door.  I’m talking maximizing every inch here!

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