Ombre Hair

It’s expensive being a girl, especially when hair salons don’t give you what you ask for.    So I’ll spare you the expense.  I mess up, do you don’t have to!!

Ombre Hair


I’m a natural brunette, although I try to fight it by consistently adding blonde highlights. I’d hit the salon every 2 months for a refresh… High maintenance!  Ombre highlights are the best of both worlds.  I can still be “blonde” without having to worry about roots.  I also save money from having to get it done less often too #winning


In the before picture, I asked for Lauren Conrad ombre, where it is brighter at the bottoms and in the front.  The request was a drastic change from my basic highlights so I made an appointment at a high end salon in New York City.   I should have ran out of that door when I saw a grown woman crying over her hair.  None the less I stuck it out.  The stylist hand painted bleach on my entire head.  I only wanted the ends brightened, but I let her do her magic.  As I sat there with my scalp burning I began to have more doubts.  When she removed the product, my whole head was practically white.  I asked her how the ombre fit into this.  She replied, don’t worry.  She then had her assistant apply something to the root of my hair, drag it down about 1/8th of the way and dye it brown.  While I liked the brighter bottoms (they were exactly what I wanted) the ombre effect was just plain awful.  I paid $300 + tip (excluding a haircut) to have roots!

The hair looked fine for a week.  But as it began to grow out the dark roots took control.  Then the ends of the hair became extremely damaged from the bleach.  They were fried and looked scraggily at the bottom.  My hair had really thinned out and my split ends were out of control.  I had to dump oil on it just to make them look remotely normal.  As it continued to grow, it looked trashier and ratchet, even with a haircut.  A quick trip to the beach and it was evident my hair needed some sprucing up.


  • Don’t let a stylist bleach your entire head
  • Run when someone is crying in a salon
  • Get a haircut when you dye your hair
  • Just because it costs more, doesn’t mean it’s better
  • If you have dark hair, bleach blonde is not the route to go
  • Question your stylist about the process and make sure she truly comprehends your expectations

Less than two months later I got my hair done in Astoria New York, it was far more affordable and I was much happier with the results.  Again, I showed the stylist the same picture.  Since my hair was already bleached, bright and damaged at the bottom she left that alone and worked with the rest of the hair. Here’s what should happen when someone does that correctly.

  • The stylist will tease your hair.  This allows the root color to remain intact and creates a more natural looking effect
  • There should be gradual shifts in color, not a straight line across your hair
  • Leave your root color alone so it grows out without harsh lines
  • You should see several different colors in your hair

I’m looking forward to months of low maintenance hair!  The stylist said this will bring me through the summer, and I believe her.

PS  both of these pictures were taken on Day 1 of getting my hair done.  I just happened to wear the same shirt. Unfortunately, the lighting wasn’t as great in the before picture, so it doesn’t do its harshness justice.

PPS Here’s the Lauren Conrad picture I showed.  It doesn’t look exactly like LC, because my natural color is darker than hers.  Also, it’s likely that the bleached out portions at the bottom are extensions.

lauren conrad ombre

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