Weight Watchers Essential Shopping List

I am loving the Weight Watchers Freestyle Program.  Every food is assigned a point value based on calories, protein, sugar, and fat.  The food starts with a points value based on calories.  Then, the points go up based on sugar and fat.  Which explains why you should avoid regular cake and cookies (ugh).  The point value goes down based on protein. So it’s no surprise high protein, low calorie foods are also very low in points and should make up a good portion of your diet.

I’ve been on the program for a few months and these are the essentials I always have in the house. It allows me to have low point options at the tip of my fingertips to stay on track.  Soon, I’ll write about how I use them all, but for now stock up on the below. You won’t be disappointed.  I’ve scanned the aisles and found the lowest point options and alternatives available.


  • Birds Eye Zucchini Lentil Pasta – 3 Points (tastes just like real pasta to me)
  • Jone’s Turkey Sausage – 1 Point for 2 or 2 Points for 4 
  • Trader Joe’s Spiralized Zucchini – 0 Points
  • Trader Joe’s Chicken Cilantro Mini Wontons -1 Point for  4 Pieces
  • Wegmens Special Blend Grilled Vegetables – 0 Points
  • Trader Joe’s Hold the Cone Mini Ice Cream Cone -3 Points for 1
  • Trader Joe’s Reduced Guilt Macaroni and Cheese – 8 Points
  • Riced Cauliflower – 0 Points


  • Mini Watermelons – 0 Points
  • Grapes – 0 Points
  • Baby Carrots – 0 Points
  • Potatoe – 5 Points
  • Bananas – 0 Points


  • Fat Free Greek Yogurt – 0 Points
  • Kraft Fat Free Mozzarella – 0 Points
  • Trader Joe’s Lite Mozzarella – 1 Point
  • Trader Joe’s Lite Cheddar – 2 Points
  • Jarlsberg Swiss Lite – 1 Point
  • Laughing Cow, Creamy Swiss Lite – 1 Point
  • Cabot Sharp Lite Snack Pack – 1 Point
  • Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla Milk – 1 Point
  • Eggs – 0 Points
  • Egg Whites – 0 Points


  • 98/99% Fat Free Ground Turkey or Chicken – 0 Points
  • Chicken Breast – 0 Points
  • Boars Head Oven Gold Turkey – 0 Points


  • Skinny Pop – 3 Points for the individual serving
  • Pretzels – 3 Points for an ounce
  • Fiber One 90 Calorie Cookie Brownies – 4 Points
  • Truvia Baking Blend – 0 Points
  • Joseph’s Lavash – 2 Points
  • Joseph’s 60 Calorie Pitas – 1 Point
  • Nature’s Own 40 Calorie Wheat Bread – 1 Point Per Slice
  • Good Thins Corn Crackers – 3 Points
  • Lily’s Dark Chocolate – 7 Points for the whole bar
  • Premiere Pro Protein Shake – 2 Points
  • Quest Vanilla Milkshake Protein Powder – 1 Point
  • PB 2 – 1 Point

Condiments: These are a great way to add flavor without the guilt.

  • Siracha – 0 Points
  • Soy Sauce – 0 Points
  • Teriyaki Sauce – 1 Point
  • Buffalo Sauce – 1 Point
  • I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Spray – 0 Points
  • Hellmann’s Light Mayonnaise – 1 Point
  • Pam Cooking Spray – 0 Point
  • Garlic Salt – 0 Points
  • Trader Joe’s Everything Bagel Seasoning – 0 Points
  • Taco Seasoning – 1 Point
  • Cary’s Sugar Free Syrup – 0 Points

T3 Curling Iron Review & Tutorial

My sister gave me the T3 convertible curling iron base for Christmas. She double checked with me prior to see if that was an appropriate gift because it’s pricy at $100, but you kind of need a barrel to make it work.  Barrels are sold separately and there’s a variety to choose from.  I purchased the 1.25″ barrel which T3 positions as the tool to create polished curls.  

My first impression was pure frustration.  I could not get the barrel to lock into the base. It should be so simple, you literally just place the barrel in the base, then turn the knob to the lock positioned. However, it wouldn’t rotate to that position!  It took me an hour to try to figure it out the first time.  I’m questioning if I got a faulty one, I’m just an idiot, or it’s truly that difficult. 

Here’s what I loved about the curling iron.  It’s beautiful plus heats up quickly and evenly.  It creates very smooth curls without the snags.  I do like the curling iron, but not for that price.  I’m eager to try the other bases and see if my opinion on it changes. 

Anyway, here’s a tutorial using the 1.25″ curling iron which creates very loose, almost non-existent curls. 

Whenever you’re curling your hair, here is the holy grail rule. Hold the curling iron so the clamp faces the front, and twist the curling iron towards the back. I’m not sure I articulated that as well as I could have in the video.  Also, you have to keep clamping and unclamping the curling iron as you twist backwards.  

What you do when you finish curling your hair makes all the difference.  I like to shake my hair, finger comb it, and twist it backwards. It takes out most of the curl but leaves your hair with a great bountiful shape.


I am totally botching and learning as I create these videos. Next time, I’ll be more conscious of my use of the word “so”. I’m afraid to count how many times I said that! I also know I didn’t look at the camera. I need to figure out how to position the camera and the mirror so that it doesn’t appear so obvious that I’m looking in the mirror. Botch and learn with me.

t3 curling iron

What to Expect at a Networking Event

I attended my first meet up this week. I went in super nervous and awkward. Because well, that’s how I act when I meet new people… except if it’s part of my job because then I rock it. Why is that?!

Anyway, my nerves did fade pretty quickly. It’s amazing what the power of a nametag does (and a glass of vino). It gives people permission to come and talk to you. What a concept. I’m debating wearing one every night, but I’m not certain it will have the same effect when everyone else isn’t wearing one too.

Everyone else is there for the same reason – to network! I wasn’t sure if this was supposed to be like a singles networking event or a professional networking event. But I realized, that actually doesn’t need a label. You’re just there to meet people you might not have talked to otherwise. I actually found it highly entertaining and learned a few new tidbits – for better or worse.

The evening started meeting Dante. Dante worked in the “restaurant industry” and wanted to be President. He talked about the corruption of politics and how he wanted in on that… no joke. I had questioned what on earth I had gotten myself into.

Then Bob (I think that was his name) came over, a gay web developer. I enjoyed talking to him because I wanted to know more about web development and what they do. I also questioned the cost of a recent project I had commissioned at work and felt I was getting taken advantage of – he confirmed I likely was! He also taught me that jewish is an ethnicity (to which Dante argued that tooth and nail).

I also met Ray the old cyber security man and a bunch of other characters whom I forgot most of their names. Although there was one name I couldn’t forget, and that was Shady. Yes, his real name was Shady – he whipped out an ID to prove it.

I missed the ice breaker game because the founder thought we were hotel guests that stole nametags.   Luckily he realized the mistake and gave us free passes for another networking event of our choice. However we did inquire about the game – and here’s the low down. Everyone received a word on a piece of paper at check-in. You had to find people with other words and try to make a sentence together. The best sentence won.

As the night progressed, Dante became a little too drunk after downing several long island iced teas on a Wednesday. I’d like to say I wasn’t judging, but I was. He started stumbling and fell asleep on the couch. As I conversed with the other networkers, we all questioned what we should do. Finally, one girl just got up and got the organizer – that was the best choice ever and I wouldn’t have even thought to do it. The problem was in his hands now.  While I talk about Dante’s drunken antics, the whole event was relatively tame.  Most of the people I talked to, didn’t even have a drink.

We all asked several questions of each other. I think these were the best ones to break the ice and get to know someone a little better and find some common ground.

  • If money didn’t matter, what would you do? We all shared and found we had common enough interests – my friend was going to be a barista, Bob could play music there, I would emcee talent night and so-on. At that point, the conversation dovetailed into this luxury coffee made of coffee beans which cats poop out…
  • What’s your roommate horror story? Because just about everyone has had a roommate and a story, even if it wasn’t the horrific.
  • What’s the worse date you’ve been on? 
  • What was the best date you’ve ever been on? Most people talked about the person, but me and my friend talked more about the experience / what we did. 

At the end of the night, I didn’t find a future husband or any job leads. But I stepped out of my comfort zone. I learned to talk to new people and keep an open mind. I know if I continue to attend networking event, it would help me build my confidence so I could approach anyone and have an interesting conversation with them. Even though we all had different jobs, there were so many common themes and connections. Overall, I had a good time and would  totes go back.

Apartment Tour 2018: Glam, Edgy, Babe Cave

babe cave feminine glam apartment

One of the perks of being single and living on my own is that I have complete creative freedom to decorate.  I mean, when else in my life can I sprinkle a home with pops of pink (aside from like a baby girl’s nursery).  I dub this apartment, my babe cave.   I predominantly aimed for feminine glam, but added pops of edge and rusticness. 

Check out the gallery below to get a glimpse of my gray toned living quarters and bedroom which transitions to more champagne tones.  Wondering where I purchased the items seen in these pictures?  Come back later this week for a video tour!

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2018 Look Forward

I’m baccccckkkk and am really looking forward to reviving Botch and Learn in 2018.  Here are some of the things you can look forward to.  Hopefully, it tickles your fancy and you decide to return back regularly.

I got a new camera – a Sony Alpha a6000.  So, what that means for you is… more photos, more videos, and maybe even some botch and learn posts on photography, because quite frankly I have no idea what I’m doing.

That’s right, I said new videos.  I’ve acquired a lot of new gadgets this year that are perfect for demonstrating.  This includes the Beachwaver, T3 Convertible Curling Iron, PMD Personal Microderm System, some lip exfoliating tool, a new Avon Clarisonic-like cleansing brush, and a KitchenAid. As an aside (toot-toot) did you know that my Perfector tutorial video has gotten over 16,000 views on YouTube? I know that’s chump change but gotta start somewhere.

In 2017 I made status at both Ulta and Sephora. So yes, I did spend a lot of money on makeup and hair products.  I’ll give you a few reviews, tutorials, and lists on the yays and nays of what to purchase.

Tips for Weight Watchers.  You read it right, I started that and have had so much fun figuring out what to eat and how to make healthier versions of my favorite food. I love working the system to feel satisfied while still having a social life that revolves around food and drinks.

Mani inspiration.  I used to refuse to spend money on my nails. That stuff adds up. But I’ve since had a change of heart and have been getting a gel manicure every 2 weeks. I’ll share some of my favorite looks to inspire you for your next salon visit.  PS – I love the party nail!

A home tour.  I’ve had so much fun decorating my “babe cave” and can’t wait to share it with you.  Also, my sister is purchasing a new home and I’ve already been recruited for home decor.  Therefore, I will also share some posts and collages on interior design inspiration.  Not that I’m a pro, but I love it and I swear I have good taste.

I’ve also got a few trips in the works next year including Bermuda, Spain, and Antigua.  I’ll put together some nice itineraries to make sure you have a kick ass time.

Finally, I’ll probably write about whatever I want LOL.  But, I hope to be more vulnerable and open with you.  Cheers to 2018.

2017 Year in Review

2017 has been the most challenging year of my life.  However, with change and challenges comes lessons and growth.  Here’s what I’ve been botching and learning this year and signs of what’s to come in 2018.

I moved into my own apartment. Decorating with free reign was the best part about living solely on my own.  I discovered my love for interior design.  I had a lot of shopping to do!  Homegoods, Wayfair, West Elm, and Gilt became my new best friends.  I racked up those credit card bills and quickly paid them down. (Be on the lookout for future posts on interior design tips, a home tour, and tips for how to pay down your credit card).

I’ll show you my bathroom, because this year was pretty “poopy”.  Also, I think it perfectly showcases what you can do to a home if you’re a single girl living in her own babe cave.

Babe Cave Bathroom

While I enjoyed decorating, I also experienced a new sense of loneliness that came with living alone.  I can truly say, I never felt lonely before this year. I always surrounded myself with people.  I lived in New York city for the bulk of my adult life, and there was always something to do and someone to do it with. In Jersey, and as I get older… not so much.  Plus, I came home to an empty house every single day after a long commute.  The only thing I wanted to do was plop on my expensive couch and stream free cable.  I tried to stay busy by making plans in the city after work.  But even when I was busy, I never felt present.  It’s hard for me to describe how loneliness feels.  I guess I felt lost like everyone’s life was evolving and mine had to adjust too, but I just didn’t know where I fit.

Then, in April, my grandpa Henry passed away after being on life support.  I knew it was coming, but it didn’t make it any easier when my father broke the bad news to me while I was still at work.  I could barely speak and tried to pass something off to my co-worker between total sobs.  I had to come to terms that I would no longer see him.  That’s kind of a hard notion to grasp, that you’re never going to see someone again.  And just like that, my own life had changed in the blink of an eye.  When my nana was ready, there was a service for him in June. Surprisingly, it was fun…  believe me, I know it’s an odd word for me to use in this scenario.  But there was a great slideshow capturing all the happy memories of a life well lived and the whole family toasted him with his favorite, Heineken!  My heart also felt so big for my family and I learned just how important it is to cherish every moment with them.  As an aside – I’ve always said something is going on behind the curtains. You don’t know why things happen, but it sets the stage for the acts to follow.  My grandfather passed away soon after the birth of his first great grandchild who arrived months premature.   She’s now living a beautiful healthy life.  This taught me to hold onto hope and believe that everything happens for a reason that we don’t need to understand right this moment.

The best family celebrating a life well lived.

Unfortunately, my older brother was also taken from me this year.  He passed away in a sober home after trying to get better.  While I knew he gambled with his life, I never thought this would happen to him or our family. We had a complicated relationship, but we loved each other.  I was so proud of him for getting serious about getting clean.  I’ve been struggling for months with grief, guilt, and trying to rationalize what exactly I’m feeling.  Still can’t really describe that either.  A few days after he passed though, I found out I was his legacy contact for Facebook. It was such an honor that my brother trusted me with this responsibility, and below is the cover photo I made him filled with all of his favorite things.  What his death taught me is that life is precious. It can be taken from you or altered at any moment. So I’m going to start living more, quit feeling sorry for myself, give everyone the benefit of the doubt, judge less, forgive more easily, go after challenges, and spend more time with the people I love. I see life through a different lense now.

This is the Facebook Cover Photo I made to honor my brother, it’s filled with his favorite things.  Note the wings above the house, I know he’s watching over me.

One of the things I admired about my brother was how disciplined he was when it came to health and fitness.  He’d eat extremely healthy and exercise daily. He knew everything about every supplement and every body part. After being hospitalized for a month, through grit and determination he returned to hitting the gym hard. I couldn’t comprehend how he could be so disciplined and determined to be fit, but couldn’t have that same willpower when it came to drugs. When he was getting clean, I tried to give up chocolate just as my own form of solidarity.  I couldn’t do it, I had no willpower!  I also joined and quit 2 gyms this year, and got a personal trainer hoping it would give me the motivation I needed to get fit but that also ended after 2 months. That worked for a little, but man they’re expensive and I should really be motivating myself!  So now I tried to channel some of his healthy determination and joined Weight Watchers again. I’ve lost 10 pounds so far, and probably gained it back this holiday season LOL.  But I’m jumping back on the bandwagon in 2018 and am determined to finally stick to something in honor of him.

2017 was also filled with some shining moments. I celebrated 3 weddings and 6 births.  I got a financial advisor and am getting smart about saving for the future.  I went on vacation to Austin and a bunch of small trips too. I ate a lot of brunches, attended a ton of happy hours, made it to an outdoor winery in February, went for a few rides in my parent’s new boat, saw a couple of plays, and kept myself relatively busy.

Austin I Love You So Much

By Jos Coffee in Austin Texas, gotta love those flips…

Work had its ups and downs too. I earned a spot bonus for doing a great job. I passionately executed a scratch off ticket incentive along with millions of dollars of other incentives.  I went to Nashville and the Atlantis in the Bahamas.  My direct report got a well deserved promotion.  I also feel like I’ve developed leaps and bounds navigating never ending changes and doing things that have never been done before.  My offices moved from midtown to downtown by the World Trade Center.  While the commute completely blows, I’m enjoying discovering a whole new area.

2017 definitely tested me.  As I reflect back on this year I’ve really learned and grown so much.  I hope to carry these lessons in 2018 and revive Botch and Learn with the candidness and vulnerability that it deserves.


How To Live Healthier

For 10 days in a row, I had fevers up to 104 degrees.  I’d take Tylenol, sweat it out, feel  fine, then get sick again.  It was a perpetual cycle.  One morning, I woke up with my clothing and sheets beyond drenched.  I thought perhaps an elephant snuck in my room and poured its body weight in water all over me.  Just kidding, I didn’t think that.  I thought I was dying – like frantically calling my doctors’ emergency hotline and questioning if I should call an ambulance or draft a will.   So what was this mystery illness?  At age 31, I got mono.  Yes “the kissing disease”.  For the record, I was only kissing one person and I wasn’t sharing beverages so I have no idea how I got it but ugh was it embarassing to admit LOL

Now I’ve skirted by life barely catching a cold, despite the fact that I eat zero nutrients, work out minimally, and don’t take care of myself.  I’m just that lucky.  However, I vowed that I would start to live a healthier life, because boy oh boy did I not want to get sick again.  I thought of all the things I would do to accomplish this, which by the way… I’m not doing.  But for giggles, here’s what I told myself I would do, and what I know I need to do in order to lead a healthier lifestyle

  1.  Take a multivitamin daily.  Okay, this I’m actually doing.  Yes, it’s a gummy vitamin.  Yes, I’m an adult.  No, I don’t care.
  2. Drink green juice daily. I took this when I was on the mend and I did feel better.  I don’t know if it was mind over matter, but it certainly gave me energy and made me feel healthier.  I told myself this would replace my addiction to caffeine and daily Coke Zero which leads me to my next point…
  3. Skip the soda.  It’s terrible for you.  I know it, you know it (But it’s sooooo good, and there’s zero calories)
  4. Wear a winter jacket if it’s cold out, and zipper it like a big girl.  This seems so obvious.  But I consistently went out with just a sweatshirt on in frigid weather or an unzipped jacket.  Sometimes, I’d go out with a wet head too 😡
  5. Exercise.  That’s it! I was supposed to go to the gym 4 days a week again.  But then my social life and 12 hour workdays got in the way.  Plus, I was walking to and from Penn Station daily and that was my “workout”.
  6. Cut back on booze. You might not know this, but mono effects your liver enzymes.  It lingers in your body for a super long time too.  So you’re definitely not allowed to drink.  I didn’t even have a glass of wine for 30 days straight!
  7. Eat 5 servings of veggies daily.  Ummm, I legit can go days without eating a vegetable.  However, when I have my salads for lunch I know it makes me feel better.
  8. Drink lots of water. I kind of do this.  I definitely get in my 64 ounces a day.  Where I fail miserably though is making up for the intake of dehydrators like alcohol and caffeine.
  9. Shower daily.  Hahaha, I swear I pretty much do this one.
  10. Meditate. Ohmmmmm… okay I’m bored.  But I do plan on taking this up one day.  Can someone please teach me how to tell my mind to pipe down?
  11. Take Vitamin B.  This goes hand in hand with #2 and #3.  This was supposed to be my new source of energy vs. caffeine.
  12. Sing in the shower. Yes, I thought this would lead to a healthier lifestyle.  Pretty sure it uplifts the spirits.
  13. Have more “me” time. This I’m getting a lot better at.  I kept myself so busy with dinners, drinks, celebrations, and activities.  I over extended myself so much I felt myself getting run down and knew a sickness was lingering around the corner.  I never had time to rest up.  Well I’ve taken this to a whole new level and pretty much have too much time to lay around and watch television…
  14. Limit TV to one hour a day.  Some days can go by where I watch no TV. But most night I have it on in the background as I lie in bed and pin things on my computer for 3 hours.
  15. Laugh more. You know this is the best medicine.  Hopefully this post made you giggle a little bit.  If it didn’t, I’ll leave you with this story…

Apparently, some people with mono get a swollen face.  Of course, I had to be a part of the 1% (why can’t that be my stat financially?)  My face became so distorted. I went to a wedding and people I actually KNEW came up and said “you must be Katie’s twin sister, I’m so-and-so, nice to meet you”!

is this me

RIP 2016 – Words to Live by in 2017

2016 sucked.  We lost some of America’s greatest icons – Prince, Muhammad Ali, Debbie Reynolds, George Michael, Carrie Fisher, Zsa Zsa Gabor, David Bowie, and let’s not forget Chyna.  Plus RIP the actors who brought Willy Wonka, Mrs. Brady, and Bill Sievers to life.  They all accomplished great success in their lifetime and inspired a nation not to be timid with their talents.  There’s so much to learn from these superstars.  Here are some mantras for 2017 a la them.

david-bowie-quote carrie-fisher-quote zsa-zsa-gabor-quoteflorence-henderson-quote gene-wilder-quote muhammad-ali-quote prince-quote

Hangover Beauty Helpers

I don’t know about you, but after a night of drinking and dancing I look like a tiger attacked me.  My skin is duller than a matte nail polish and you could easily mistake me for the female version of Mr. Fester… pretty much the opposite of pretty … which I definitely looked the night before 😉

Now, I know many of you will be out celebrating this weekend.  Here are some tips to look presentable come Sunday sans Snapchat filter.

Hangover Helpers


Cause: Alcohol is a notorious dehydrator.


  • Moisturize the face – Before going to bed, try Anew Clinical Overnight Hydration Mask.  This will deeply replenish the lost moisture as you sleep.
  • Use a face scrub – it will remove the dry, dead skin cells and bring blood to the surface for better circulation.
  • Drink a TON of water to rehydrate the body and skin.
  • Try a Vitamin C Serum.  It reduces inflammation and brightens your complexion.  Plus it’s filled with antioxidants which is the body’s damage fighter.


Cause: For starters, you’ve probably gotten minimal sleep.


  • Get some caffeine under those eyes, it constricts blood vessels and reduces fluid!  For a natural remedy, steep 2 tea bags, let them cool, then place directly under closed eyes.  Or, try Garnier Fructis Renew Anti-Puff eye roller.
  • There’s another tried and true tip – place 2 spoons in the freezer and put over eyes.  Not only is it completely refreshing, the delightful chill will also constrict under eye blood vessells.
  • Put on sunless tanner.  I don’t have a good reason other than the fact that when I drink, I end up looking super pale.  So if I tan myself up, dark circles don’t seem as prevalent.
  • And the most obvious solution.  Concealer is a girl’s best friend.  Make sure to moisturize properly then pat on and set with powder.


Cause:  Too much product, teasing and quite possibly head banging.


  • Use a detangler BEFORE going in the shower.
  • When in the shower condition first!  The conditioner will act like a clarifying shampoo, breaking down all of the product in your hair.  Follow it  up with shampoo, and another round of conditioner.  No joke, this works and doesn’t leave your hair knotty or greasy.

PS – If you’re feeling really blah try MegaHydrate this was a miracle saver in Vegas

Bachelorette Party: Fire Island New York

Fire Island New York is low maintenance fun.  It’s perfect for my tri-state compadres seeking a beach vacay without forcing all guests to jump on a plane.  It’s unique, because it’s only accessible by boat – no cars allowed.  You’re encouraged to wander the island in your flip flops and just unwind.  Plus, they are not strict about props.

Kudos and gracias to the bride’s future sister-in-law for planning this one.

Fire Island Bachelorette

Ultimate Fire Island Bachelorette Party

Getting There: We took the ferry from Bayshore Long Island to Ocean Beach.  It was an enjoyable 45 minute ride soaking in the sun.

Hotel:  The Palms

I heard the hotel rooms were tiny… luckily we didn’t even see them because we got UPGRADED.  Woot woot!  We stayed in “The Cottage” which was basically like renting a house in the most convenient location ever.  It was much nicer to celebrate in a common area or the back patio vs. cramming into a hotel room.  Plus, we had a full size fridge to store all of the alcohol in.

There are some additional perks to staying here.  They provide hotel guests with beach chairs, wagons to lug everything around, towels, umbrellas and even bikes.  They also include a free continental breakfast.

If you plan on staying here, make sure to book well in advance as they fill up quickly and jack up the prices.  The biggest downside is that there is no pool.  Plus, we saw a little Peppino running around.  (That’s a mouse, in case you were wondering).

The Day:

We spent the days at the beach.  On the first day, we went to Ocean Beach which was a few minutes from the hotel.  This beach was super strict about having food or beverages.  While I saw a few people munching on sandwiches, I wouldn’t recommend it.  No one wants a ticket for something that dumb.

The next day, we hauled our booties to Ocean Bay Park.  It was a decent walk – at least a half hour.  This beach had more of a party scene and we stopped at a store nearby to grab some beer.  Make sure to keep it covered though when entering the beach, because technically it’s not allowed.

The bride also brought a giant swan float and pump.  It made for the biggest bachelorette prop to date and served as a great conversation starter.  Though, I can’t believe they took it in the ocean and managed not to drown!  I wasn’t having any part of that.

On our departure date, we strolled the town to check out the shops.  There weren’t any noteworthy stores but they’re all kind of charming and cute in their own way.


On Friday night, we ate at Island Mermaid.  We had planned to do a prix-fix menu, but it wasn’t worth it since we didn’t have a full crew.  We did however purchase a wristband for a $5 Rocket Fuel.  The drink normally costs $14 and is deadly with the Bacardi 151.  However, these are big on the island and you should try one while you’re there.  The food was meh.  I think it’s more of a seafood place so I didn’t care for the menu.  Then, we stayed after dinner expecting it to turn into the island’s best dance party.  However, it too was mediocre at best and we swiftly left.  Plus the owner/manager was totally creeping us out.

Another night, we wanted to stay late at the beach so we just ordered in pizza.  This was clutch and I highly advise a casual pregame pizza party with silly bachelorette games.


Ocean Beach in Fire Island is made for bar hopping.  However, many of the places charged covers but this appeared to be waived for bachelorette parties.

We particularly gravitated to Sand Bar.  On the first night, they had a countdown to midnight as if it was New Years Eve.  It was hysterical and complete with confetti and napkin throwing.  We also liked the music, there was a stage to dance on, and it was big enough.  I’m told that this place can be super young.  However, we went at the end of summer when most of the college kids were back in school so we got to avoid that.

Albatross was a tiny bar but worth the stop.   Randomly, they had a luau theme complete with leis and limbos.  On another note, you’re encouraged to spin the lamps above the bar.

Then there was some late night bar next to Albatross.  I am already blanking on the name.  But don’t even bother trying to go there before 1AM because you’ll be the only people in the place.  Afterwards though, it’s so much fun!

Botch and Learn – Avoid a Botch-lorette in Fire Island:

  • Parking was confusing and limited at the ferry.  The front lot by the actual Ocean Beach Ferry was for season ticket holders.  We had to park across the street.
  • When travelling between towns, utilize the water taxis vs. hoofing it.  There’s no cars on the island, so there’s really no other way to get around with your beach load.
  • I would have liked to check out Flynn’s in Ocean Bay Park.  They supposedly have a killer happy hour.
  • The bars are open until 4 AM … danger.
  • No need to dress up.  The dress code is fairly lenient.  Save yourself the pain and ditch the heels as this is beach vibes all the way.