Spray Deodorant Review

Sometimes, you need to freshen up an old product.  No pun intended, but when have you seen a serious reshaping of everyday items like deodorant?  It’s easy to settle for what’s working fine and dandy.  But just about everything in this world could be improved in some shape or form.  Deodorant is no exception.

I was hesitant to try spray deodorant since I was accustomed to the stick version.  Yet, it wasn’t really working for me.

Anyway, the Dove and Degree deodorant cans both tout up to 48 hour protection.  I love the little “up to” clause.  However, I have to say, the verdict is this stuff works!!!

Initial impression, this is cold!  Seriously, you’re spraying something on a sensitive area and this something is stored in an aluminum can.  The blast of frostiness was a little alarming at first to my delicate underarms.  However, there’s some sort of miracle ingredient in there because it dried instantaneously.

I am  officially hooked on spray deodorant.  I walked around the city for 8 hours, in a mint colored chiffon shirt.  The kind that usually shows sweat marks without a doubt.  I kept lifting my underarm to check it out… but never once did those marks show.

Can’t wait to try this on chub rub this summer.

Who knew I could write that much about deodorant?!?!

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