T3 Curling Iron Review & Tutorial

My sister gave me the T3 convertible curling iron base for Christmas. She double checked with me prior to see if that was an appropriate gift because it’s pricy at $100, but you kind of need a barrel to make it work.  Barrels are sold separately and there’s a variety to choose from.  I purchased the 1.25″ barrel which T3 positions as the tool to create polished curls.  

My first impression was pure frustration.  I could not get the barrel to lock into the base. It should be so simple, you literally just place the barrel in the base, then turn the knob to the lock positioned. However, it wouldn’t rotate to that position!  It took me an hour to try to figure it out the first time.  I’m questioning if I got a faulty one, I’m just an idiot, or it’s truly that difficult. 

Here’s what I loved about the curling iron.  It’s beautiful plus heats up quickly and evenly.  It creates very smooth curls without the snags.  I do like the curling iron, but not for that price.  I’m eager to try the other bases and see if my opinion on it changes. 

Anyway, here’s a tutorial using the 1.25″ curling iron which creates very loose, almost non-existent curls. 

Whenever you’re curling your hair, here is the holy grail rule. Hold the curling iron so the clamp faces the front, and twist the curling iron towards the back. I’m not sure I articulated that as well as I could have in the video.  Also, you have to keep clamping and unclamping the curling iron as you twist backwards.  

What you do when you finish curling your hair makes all the difference.  I like to shake my hair, finger comb it, and twist it backwards. It takes out most of the curl but leaves your hair with a great bountiful shape.


I am totally botching and learning as I create these videos. Next time, I’ll be more conscious of my use of the word “so”. I’m afraid to count how many times I said that! I also know I didn’t look at the camera. I need to figure out how to position the camera and the mirror so that it doesn’t appear so obvious that I’m looking in the mirror. Botch and learn with me.

t3 curling iron

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  1. Nataly Sanchez

    Good review, but I prefer Karmin.

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