The Best Girly YouTube Stars

I am obsessed with You Tube and Instagram celebrities. So, I figured I’d share my top 5 YouTube stars with you.  I’ve also picked my favorite videos from each of them.  I swear these videos will change your life … or at least the way you do your makeup.    So without further adieu… my idols…

Carli Bybel – This Jersey girl has perfected the makeup tutorial and throws in douses of motivation and fashion.  Can I please be her?!

Lauren Curtis – She was just your average, unpopular Australian.  Now, she’s garnered over 3 million followers, raises her voice against bullies, makes money talking about fake tanners, and has the hottest boyfriend.  Her makeup tutorials are easy to follow, like this one!

Amber Fillerup – She is a braid guru with the cutest family!  Explaining how to braid is no easy task, but she takes you step by step and makes intricate styles seem so easy you’ll actually try them.

Kandee Johnson – She’s got spunk and talent.  In some of her videos, she completely transforms herself with costume makeup.  In others, she’s taking you through the basics.

Desi Perkins – Like me, she has an obsession with sunglasses.  Unlike me, her hair, makeup, and style are always on point.

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