50 Shades of Hair

50 shades of hair

For the last decade and a half I experimented with hair color.  One day, my hair was sunshine yellow, the next day it looked like a liter of motor oil was dumped on my head.  I changed my hair color almost as often as I changed my sheets.  I’d attempt to dye it myself out of a box, hate it, and get it professionally done a week later.  I’d wear wigs, chalk it, and even “spray paint” it.  I’ve been bleach blonde, black, maroon, caramel, ombre, orange, etc.  Here’s what I learned about each color given my features.

Black Hair was just a disaster.  I dyed my hair black when I studied abroad in Australia.  I didn’t want to deal with the hassle of finding a hairdresser there, nor was I employed so I had no income to fund my hair whims.  I did it myself with a box of dye.  I also ended up dying my forehead dark for a week.  I wasn’t a fan of this look.  It washed my pale face out.   I was constantly pounding on the bronzer just to look alive. The only benefit was my hair always looked healthy (even though it wasn’t).

Burgundy Hair – I don’t know what I was thinking with this one.  It didn’t suit my personality.  Again this was a box job. The dye adhered to my head in a blotchy fashion.  Some spots were redder than others.  Also, the red never really left my hair.  There was always a tinge of red after, even when I dyed it blonde.

Bleach Blonde Hair – At the time, this was my favorite look.  But after maturing a little, I realized my hair looked trashy.  It’s bright and over processed.  It just appears fake (well… it is).  It was also expensive and time consuming to disguise those dark roots.

Ombre – I don’t care if ombre is in, or if it’s out… it is the best hair option.  You get to be multiple colors and don’t have to worry about roots growing out, because it’s supposed to look that way!

Blue – Don’t worry, that one is a wig!  But if Katy Perry can rock blue hair, so can you?!  Be warned though that people will look at you funny.  If you have enough confidence to rock the blue, by all means go for it!  While it’s completely unnatural, it does complement certain features.  However, I will leave the blue hair for Halloween.

Red – Don’t worry about this either.  It’s a can of colored hairspray.  Although, I do think I could pull off red.  There’s something intriguing and sexy about it.  After dying my hair burgundy and dealing with a tinge of red for a couple of years, I think the colored hairspray is the proper route.

Everytime I get my hair done, it’s a different color.  I also flip flop so much that it’s a process to get it back blonde.  That process brings me to 50 shades of blonde, hence the majority of photos above.

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