Wavy Voluminous Hair Without Heat

I have many go-to lazy girl hairstyles predominantly consisting of buns and pony tails. If I let my hair air dry and leave it alone, it looks like a nappy, frizzy, unflattering disaster. So I’ve been experimenting with ways to let it dry on its own, but still look put together.  Here’s how you can achieve this look.

How to Achieve Wavy Voluminous Hair with No Heat

  1. Let your hair air dry about 3/4 of the way
  2. Braid it loosely, leaving out the top layer and chunks along the face
  3. Sleep in the braid, or at least leave it in for a half hour
  4. Remove the braid
  5. Spray your entire head with dry shampoo
  6. Jouge Hair [still figuring out how to spell that word, did I make it up?!] by that I mean scrunch it and push up towards the roots

Voila you’re done!

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